Duncan, YoYoFactory, and C3 announce new team members at Japan Nationals!

Rafael Matsunaga May 5, 2014 Comments Off

Large contests are the perfect occasion for teams to add new players, and this years Japan National Yo-yo Contest was no exception!

Duncan Crew got a new member at the contest, and oddly enough, not from Japan! Jason Kao, two-time 3A Taiwan National champion, and loyal Duncan fan for several years, is now part of Duncan’s massive sponsored team!

Duncan Crew at 2014 Japan Nationals

Next up, one of the newer generation’s most talented players, Daiki Tanaka, got a well-deserved spot on the YoYoFactory Contest Team, and joins this impressive group of World Champions!

YoYoFactory at 2014 Japan Nationals

Finally, C3yoyodesign added Ryuichi Nakamura to their Rising Force team, meaning we can expect great things from him in the very near future!

C3YoYoDesign at 2014 Japan Nationals

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