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Steve Brown May 24, 2013 7

CLYW Yeti Plastic YoYo

Since 2006, CLYW has built a solid name and reputation on producing some of the best yoyos on the planet. With unmistakable style and quality, owner Chris Mikulin has turned CLYW from an enjoyable side project to his full-time job, and is currently producing some of the most sought-after yoyos in the world for a team full of champions and innovators.

For the next step in CLYW’s evolution, Chris has designed their first plastic yoyo: The Yeti. Hailed by former World Champion Yuuki Spencer as “the best plastic I have ever played with”, the Yeti hasn’t even hit stores yet and it’s already as legendary as its name.


Diameter – 58.75mm
Width – 45.3mm
Weight – 68g
Bearing Seat – YYF Spacers
Bearing – TBA
Response – Snow Tires
Estimated Retail – $40
Box Art – Jason Week
Engraving Art – Paul Escolar
Made In Canada

CLYW Yeti Plastic YoYo

CLYW Yeti – Prototype Test Color

We caught up with Chris for a quick Q&A session to get some more info on The Yeti, on the eve of its first public showing at the 2013 Bay Area Classic.

YoYoNews: So how long as the Yeti been in development?

Chris Mikulin: The Yeti project officially started in October 2012.

What prompted you to start working on a plastic yoyo?

Making an injection molded plastic part has been a goal of mine for over 10 years.  During my last year of engineering I realized that I should have gone into industrial design.  I would buy ID magazines and check out plastic part design books from the library, all while dreaming of one day becoming an industrial designer or designing plastic parts.  I then realized that in an oil town like Alberta, jobs like that don’t really come around. I ended up working in the oil industry for about 9 years.  CLYW became my artistic outlet, and ever since the company started I dreamt of the day that we could afford to make a plastic return top.  With the success of the Chief in 2012, CLYW finally got into a position that we could invest some money into a mold.  Little did I know how much it would actually cost!

What does the team think of the prototypes?

The ones that have tried it absolutely love it.  Zach can’t put it down and Jensen has really been putting it through the paces.  We are still ironing out a few things, but it is pretty much ready to go.  I decided to use the profile of the Chief but increase the diameter a bit from about 2.225″ to 2.3125″. This would help get us more rim weight and keep the material away from the center.


CLYW Yeti Plastic YoYo

Initial digital render of the CLYW Yeti

What was your biggest challenge in getting a plastic yoyo into production?

The biggest hurdle was finding the right plastic that could make an injection molded return top play the way we wanted it to.  Most companies do weight rings or side caps to get the rim weight up.  I wanted ours to be simple…no extra parts!  This made things tricky since it would involve a non-uniform wall thickness at the rims.  Something that is kind of frowned upon in the injection molding world, since this causes sink issues or distortion.  During testing, some materials were too soft or too light while others would have sink issues or crazy wobble.  We finally found a glass filled material that worked, but the kicker was that it only comes in black.  The good thing about it is that it’s more dense than regular ABS/polycarbonate so it can really do really so some neat things for play/weight distribution with our geometry.  I can live with this for a first run, because the play is definitely there.  It’s just incredible!  Over the next few months we will work towards finding a material that can be dyed, but I think we have something ready here to release soon.

“The customer can have any color he wants, so long as it’s black”. — Henry Ford

How soon until we see these in stores?

I have invested a huge chunk of money in this mold, so I think most of the first run will be sold direct to help pay it off.  Then we will open it up to stores.  My goal: available in the  CLYW store early July, and other stores before Worlds.  We shall see how things go.  You never know.

The CLYW Yeti will be making the rounds at the 2013 Bay Area Classic this weekend. Find a CLYW player to try one out! Thanks to Chris for taking the time to talk to us, and congratulations to CLYW on this huge step forward!


Die Cut Wraparound Box Label / Sticker for the CLYW Yeti. Artwork by Jason Week

Die Cut Wraparound Box Label / Sticker for the CLYW Yeti. Artwork by Jason Week


  1. Greg May 24, 2013 at 8:58 am -

    Pretty glad that it’s totally different from the One Drop offering… I can justify considering buying both. 😉

  2. Adam Brewster May 24, 2013 at 9:55 am -

    Can I just say something?

    I’m PUMPED for this.

    Looks so good in every way possible!

  3. Me May 24, 2013 at 1:02 pm -

    I spotted the Yeti at NER. I didn’t even realize it was made of plastic at first, the black almost looks like a teflon coated metal. I had wondered if it was an HG material, because it definitely had more to its weight than just plastic. I’m very intrigued to learn it’s actually a glass hybrid.

    Anyway, it played awesome, and I’m glad it’s finally seeing the light of day.

  4. James W. May 24, 2013 at 2:39 pm -

    Is anybody else a little bit unnerved by the fact that it’s using YYF spacers?

    Those things are the devil….

  5. Dean May 24, 2013 at 7:52 pm -

    It looks very similar to the yoyofoactory whip. Except the side cups are more shallow. Seems like you wont be able to do thumb grinds with it :/ but the whip plays amazing so if this is anything like it then it should be great.

    • Wesely May 25, 2013 at 12:20 pm -

      Where do you see the Whip in this? The shape is different, the weight is different, and the quality is much better. Personally, I am very excited for this.

  6. JetEyeNight May 27, 2013 at 3:05 pm -

    I have never been this excited for a plastic! Can’t wait!