2012 World Yo-yo Contest Day 1: 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A Prelim results

Rafael Matsunaga August 2, 2012 1

Finalists for the 2A, 3A, and 4A divisions, and semi-finalists for the 1A division have been announced!

In 1A, Ryota Ogi repeats his usual dominance in 1 minute freestyles and tops the ranking, followed closely by former World Champion Shinya Kido and Mexican powerhouse Paul Kerbel. Several of the favorites also made it to semi-finals, including Peter Pong, Tatsuya Fujisaka, Takahiro Iizuka, and Sebastian Brock. All these players have another hard day ahead in the semi-finals.

2A’s nice surprise came with veteran Jan Schmutz, from Switzerland, who made it to finals despite strong competition from Japanese players! In 3A, US players Alex Hattori and Patrick Borgerding failed to qualify, frustrating the home audience. 4A was a tough division, with twenty six players battling for just seven spots. Here, team YoyoJam managed to qualify no less than four players, with Rei Iwakura, John Narum, Ben Conde, and Ian Johnson.

Videos are being uploaded very quickly this year, courtesy of YoyoFactory and C3, and most freestyles are already up. Be sure to check their YouTube channels!


  1. Ryota Ogi
  2. Shinya Kido
  3. Paul Kerbel
  4. Pong Si Yee Peter
  5. Luckey Li
  6. Tatsuya Fujisaka
  7. Eric Koloski
  8. Izuru Hasumi
  9. Andrew Maider
  10. Benson Fok
  11. Gentry Stein
  12. Zach Gormley
  13. Akitoshi Tokubuchi
  14. Tessa Piccillo
  15. Joe Wilson
  16. Takuma Inoue
  17. Luis Orlando Abrajan
  18. Paolo Bueno
  19. Clint Armstrong
  20. Kevin Tandean
  21. Takahiro Iizuka
  22. Sebastian Brock
  23. Jesse Christie
  24. Michael Stecz
  25. Charles Haycock
  26. Palli Guodmundsson
  27. Takeshi Matsuura
  1. Shota Aizawa
  2. Shu Takada
  3. Hiraku Fujii
  4. Ryuya Kaneko
  5. Jan Schmutz
  1. Ken Takabayashi
  2. Taichiro Higashi
  3. Wang Zerong
  4. Eric Tran-Ton
  5. Donald Hodgkinson
  6. Yu Tsumura
  7. Takuma Inoue
  1. Rei Iwakura
  2. Michael Nakamura
  3. Peter Pong Si Yee
  4. Tomohiko Zanka
  5. John Narum
  6. Ben Conde
  7. Ian Johnson

Thanks to Taiichiro Higashi for the lists!

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