EYYC 2012 1A Prelims Results: Vashek is 1st

Rafael Matsunaga January 21, 2012 Comments Off on EYYC 2012 1A Prelims Results: Vashek is 1st

With over 100 players performing at the preliminary round, the 1A division at the European Yo-yo Championship was no walk in the park even for the top players.

2010 European Champion Vashek Kroutil, from the Czech Republic and team YoyoFactory qualified ahead of the pack, followed by Polish wonder Plamek, representing One Drop, and Duncan Crew’s most recent addition, slack-man Janos Karancz, from Hungary.

Here’s the list of qualified players:

  1. Vashek Kroutil (Czech Republic)
  2. Grzegorz “Plamek” Wojcik (Poland)
  3. Janos Karancz (Hungary)
  4. Petr Kavka (Czech Republic)
  5. Mateusz Ganc (Poland)
  6. Maxim Gruzintsev (Russia)
  7. Akos Linzenbold (Hungary)
  8. Palli Gudmundsson (Iceland)
  9. Michal Zakrzewski (Poland)
  10. Kojo Boison (Germany)

Videos are already being posted, check out Vashek’s flawless 1 minute routine, courtesy of C3:


Be sure to check out C3’s YouTube channel for videos of 1A prelim freestyles and also 2A finals!

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